Trust Options


Trusts are a legally structured mechanism designed to safeguard your assets, serving various purposes.

Diverse forms of trusts are available to cater to a range of needs, and at Yorkshire Will Writers, we are well-equipped to guide you through these options, ensuring the selection of the most suitable solution for safeguarding your specific assets.

Property Protection Trusts

A property protection trust will shields your share of the property for your loved ones. It is beneficial in case your house has to be sold to pay for care home fees or if the surviving spouse remarried.

Discretionary Trusts

A Discretionary Trust grants trustees full authority in distributing funds among specified beneficiaries. It’s flexible, accommodating vulnerable beneficiaries alongside others. ‘Letters of Wishes’ are crucial, enabling parents to guide trustees on promoting their child’s welfare.

Flexible Life Interest Trust

A FLIT shields your estate, preserving assets for beneficiaries while allowing a nominated individual to enjoy benefits throughout their lifetime. It minimises inheritance tax, shields assets from care costs, financial challenges, and secures assets for future generations.

Depending on the nature of your assets and what you intend to leave behind, it’s entirely possible to establish multiple trusts. Various circumstances necessitate the creation of trusts:


→  Preservation of Property:

Trusts offer property protection until your children reach an age at which they can legally take possession.

→  Property Protection Trusts:

A property protection trust will shield your share of the property for your loved ones. It is beneficial if your house has to be sold to pay for care home fees or if the surviving spouse remarries.

→  Mitigation of Inheritance Tax:

Trusts provide a strategic avenue to reduce your inheritance tax liability.

→  Safeguarding Against ‘Sideways Disinheritance’:

Trusts can be instrumental in protecting your children from unintended disinheritance due to certain circumstances, for example, the surviving spouse re-marrying.

→  Provision for a Spouse:

They allow you to provide for your spouse while preserving the inheritance for your children.

When opting to establish a trust for your assets, the appointment of trustees is a crucial step. You have the flexibility to appoint between one and four trustees. Your choice of trustees can include the same individuals you’ve designated as executors, beneficiaries or guardians for your children.

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Trusts, crucial for safeguarding assets, come in diverse forms to meet various needs. At Yorkshire Will Writers, we expertly guide you through options, securing your specific assets. They shield property, reduce tax, prevent forced sales, and offer trustee flexibility, ensuring legacy security.